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Have a lot of data that you need to go to work for you to improve your business? Let us show you how to whip that data into shape!

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Engineers and other types are looking for training every day. You need to keep them educated. That’s where we come in. Its our hope that you figure the same thing. Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.


DEVS are from Venus; OPS are from Mars – Steven Haines

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Lillian uses Python and R to build predictive models for SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs, and she delivers training and coaching services that help technical professionals advance their careers. If you’ve got loads of historical and current data that you’d like to use to drive predictive results, Lillian can help! If you’ve been looking for a data scientist with excellent presentation and communication skills, she’s your gal!

Lillian teaches Data Science for Virtuant.

Lillian Pierson
Lillian Pierson lillian@data-mania.com

Great class – a lot of useful core information as well as worthwhile extra’s. The instructor was great!

Laurent Weichberger Big Data Bear

Who are we?

Virtuant started out as a small training company fifteen years ago. It has served many companies in a small but crucial set of areas that any virtual business needs. We cover and specialize in areas that most training companies don’t; we have served exclusively as a partner to other training organizations, offering our niche expertise to their customers.

We are not a one stop grocery shop for all your training needs; we're more a specialty store where you go in looking for one or two particular items and expect them to be the very best on the market. That’s why other training companies come to us when they have a client that is looking to get the most up to date information in one of the topics we specialize in. This is especially true when the client is expecting to have the class customized; we have a team of courseware developers on staff in house.
Virtuant is proud to announce that come mid 2018, we will begin offering classes publicly and or direct to the client. We will still be working closely with our partners as well. 2018 is going to be an exciting and extremely fun year for us! We are glad that we can share our experience and joy with our customers and take them with us on this exciting journey!

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What Is Configuration Management? Before starting with Ansible, let’s discuss what configuration management is. Configuration Management (CM) is the process of handling changes in any system systematically, and it maintains the consistency of the product. It retains its consistency because it is applied over the entire lifecycle of the system. Configuration Management provides the capability […]

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A new Forrester Research report, Predictions 2018: The Honeymoon For AI Is Over, predicts that in 2018 enterprises will finally move beyond the hype to recognize that AI requires hard work—planning, deploying, and governing it correctly. But Forrester also promises improvements: Better human and machine collaboration due to improved interfaces; enhancing business intelligence and analytics […]

Data Science as a Service

The data-driven organization, as it comes about, will most likely to be led or guided by Batman, not Superman. That’s because few people really have super-human powers, but do have access to the tools and technologies to help make things happen — just as Batman did. At the same time, technology is but one leg […]

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